2021, performance, video, site-specific installation in the dungeon of an old women’s prison

The statement It’s not yours to choose has been repeated numerous times in Marina’s video work Void in which she was dealing with archaic, fatal, and patriarchal notes on femininity (re) produced for the women by the women. The chosen sentence represents an universal mantra of hetero- patriarchy as well as an example of how shame and guilt were passed on from generation to generation. Mother- hood is the power tool of gaining adequacy, legitimation, and symbolic capital within the (hetero) patriarchal private sphere, women are factually left without the choice not to be a mother. Marina treats the cell of the old prison as an enlarged field of the uterus, and with her interventions, she marks the space of freedom in the prison of her own body.

excerpt of the text Female Prison Hotel Freedom by Ivana Ivkovic